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Sorry if this is a duplicate, I've not found what I'm after - everything seems to be talking about ILists.

At the moment I am calling methods and passing the type as a generic which works as you would expect but is causing code duplication. I would like to be able to do


But this requires a parameter. I'm calling a generic method, not creating an object. The generic method is not contained with in a generic object.

How can I do something along the lines of

Type desiredType = typeof(IPendingProduct);

Thanks in advance.

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        .Invoke(null, new object[] {instance});

not nice, huh?

Note this also assumes that Save is public + static, and has no collisions with overloads.

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Yeah right - that or code duplication... hard decision. Cheers Marc. Assumptions were correct. –  Sam Mar 9 '11 at 12:58

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