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I have installed drupal fivestar module. The module is working fine on the node page but when I go to views It doesnt give me any option to add Fivestar rating field. According to drupal and lullabot.com and other tutorial I have seen on the net I think the field has to be there but I am not sure why it is not apearing at my view page. I have clean url enabled. Voting api installed and enabled. Fivestar rating's all 3 modules are installed and enabled. I have also tried to run update.php as I thought may be it is a cache issue but no luck. Can anyone help me debugging this issue or alteast tell me anyother way to add rating on my views.It will be highly apreciated.

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Here is a video where they explain how to do it. http://www.channels.com/episodes/show/6336042/Building-Views-with-Fivestar-and-VotingAPI

First you must create a Relationship in your View

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Thankyou so much corbacho this video solve my problem. Yes relation must be needed I was missing that part –  Fuzz Mar 9 '11 at 14:37
you're welcome! –  corbacho Mar 9 '11 at 17:12

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