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I want to measure how much time i spend per each commit and i want a simple time accounting system that would use Git VCS. Basically this comes down to two functions:

  1. log that i've started to work on new part of functionality timegit start
  2. view report for certain period timegit log, that will show a commit message and the time spent

the end times it would extract from git log

So do you know such a program?

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What exactly is your question? –  khmarbaise Mar 9 '11 at 13:27
added: So do you know such a program? –  Alexey Mar 9 '11 at 13:46

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That may not cover all of your requirements, but the project GitStats (to be run on a Unix platform) can produce interesting data.

For instance, here is the "activity" on the git repo itself:
It is oriented on the number (of commits, lines, tags, ...), but you could modify it to add a column about the delay between two commits.

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Looks like something exists. Untested but seems to be what you want.

Also Redmine both tracks time and commits, but doesn't seem to provide the link between both. However it could be a nice project and shuoldn't be too hard, as it has a good plugin architecture.

Same thing for Trac, this page lists interesting stuff, but all are related to tickets, not commits. So you'd have to link each commit to a ticket, which is a nice idea but can be painful on the long run...

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I made git-hours which estimates the effort spent on a git repository in hours. It's not precise but gives a rough estimate of the project's size.

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