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I'm doing some experimenting to try and get the file size smaller and I need to open my swf to make sure some components didn't embed them selfs within the swf. Is there a tool, or a way to open swf to view the contents inside the swf? Such as winrar (which doesn't work) or something of that sort?

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If you code using FlashDevelop: http://www.flashdevelop.org/wikidocs/index.php?title=Main_Page, you can just click the plus arrow in the project window:

SWF exploration in FlashDevelop

FlashDevelop also lets you control the embedding of external SWC easily.

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Hmm, swfdump I think

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A lot of what I do with my OrphanFinder tool can show you what's going on using swfdump.

If you're looking to reduce PROJECT size this will be especially helpful.

http://blog.tomschober.com/2011/02/implementing-orphan-finder-for-your-flex-app/ http://blog.tomschober.com/2012/12/flex-orphan-finder-added-to-github/

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I had gone through the similar kind of situation.I used 'SWF decompiler'.Its very good but its paid version but trail version willbe also helpful to you.

SWF decompiler

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