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I am a beginner in Lucene. I am writing a search engine to search our code base for certain key words. I have a requirement for which I need your help. Say I am searching for a word "Apple computers", I would like Lucene to throw only the lines which have case insesitive "apple computers". But what I see is I see lines having Apple computers, lines having only apple and lines having only computers. How do I filter it to get only the lines having apple and computer.

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Hi, Thanks for all the help. I used the phrase query and used proper slop value. The result just was the one I was looking for. The Boolean query too worked. The Book "Lucene in Action" answered all my queries. I recommend this book strongly to all who wants to learn Lucene –  Nandish A Apr 18 '11 at 12:48

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How do you query Lucene? Basically what you are asking about is covered by building a query using BooleanClause.Occur.MUST. Exactly how to do this is dependent on your query construction: For the default query parser you should use something like

+Apple +computers

While if you are building queries programmatically you should use MUST for every term.

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As Yuval suggested, it's important to know how do you use Lucene.
If you use it through lucene-java and need exact phrase results (docs that contain only "apple computers" together) you can use PhraseQuery.

The example of how to compose it.

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Thanks for all the valuable inputs. I am following the same approach. But another requirement is that I need to highlight the strings in the results I get. But when i use the TermFreqVector,TermPositionVector the offsets I get still points to lines which has only apple and sole lines which have computers only. I am storing the entire content of the file as one document against the field name "contents". I think my approach is wrong and I need to idex line by line. Is this correct. Or which is a better approach to highlight the search results. Any help much app –  Nandish A Mar 10 '11 at 5:21

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