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I am running following code

System.Management.ManagementClass wmiNetAdapterConfiguration = new System.Management.ManagementClass("Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration");
System.Management.ManagementObjectCollection wmiNetAdapters = wmiNetAdapterConfiguration.GetInstances();
Log.logInfo("Net adapters:" + wmiNetAdapters.get_Count());

and on some machines it is ok , and on some i am getting following error :

System.Management.ManagementException: Not found 
   at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode)
   at System.Management.ManagementScope.InitializeGuts(Object o)
   at System.Management.ManagementScope.Initialize()
   at System.Management.ManagementObject.Initialize(Boolean getObject)
   at System.Management.ManagementClass.GetInstances(EnumerationOptions options)
   at System.Management.ManagementClass.GetInstances()

Any idea why ?

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The functionality provided by the System.Management namespace is dependent upon the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) service.

I suspect that the WMI service has not been started on the systems that are throwing that exception.
For troubleshooting purposes, you can verify that using the Administrative Tools -> Services utility.
If this turns out to be the case, you can wrap the code in a try-catch block and use the ServiceController class to start and stop the appropriate service.

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on my local machine this WMI is not running and those functions are running ok . –  Night Walker Mar 9 '11 at 15:13
@Night: I doubt very seriously that the WMI service is not running on your machine. The name of the WMI service is winmgmt. Check Services or Task Manager again, just to be sure. The ManagementStatus enum says that a "Not Found" error means that "the object could not be found", which confirms my theory that it can't find the WMI object it's trying to use internally. –  Cody Gray Mar 9 '11 at 15:15

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