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what's the best way to return a List from a list of Lists of a base class based on string passed in. I've got:

public List<myBaseData> FindFromListofLists(string aClass, List<List<myBaseData>> data)
    foreach (var item in data)
        foreach(myBaseData baseData in item)
            if (baseData.ToString().CompareTo(aClass) == 0) //not sure if this is the best way as if the class overides the toString method...
            return item;
    return null;


I'm sure there's a better way to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

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This is a Code Review candidate. :) – Steven Jeuris Mar 9 '11 at 15:13

Try -

public List<myBaseData> FindFromListofLists(
      string aClass, List<List<myBaseData>> data)

  return data.Find(
      item => item
              .Where(d => d.ToString().CompareTo(aClass) == 0)
              .Count() > 0);


You can also try to write it as -

return data.Find(item => item.Select(x => x.ToString()).Contains(aClass));

Please note that the code is untested :P

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+1 - tried with simple List&lt;List&lt;string&gt;&gt; - it looks like second example 3 times faster then first one, and slightly faster then foreach/foreach and for/for cycle – Vitaliy Mar 12 '11 at 22:08

Is this what you need?

How to Union List<List<String>> in C#

And then you can use the .Where() method to narrow down the results to those matching aClass.

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you can use:

            if (((List<myBaseData>)item).Contains(aClass)) ;
                return (item);

instead of your second "foreach". and that's the great thing about dynamic lists.

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not sure this will work as aClass is a string that is the name of the object that the IList should contain. However, this might work: if (((List<myBaseData>)item).Contains(Type.GetType(aClass))) – Bill Nielsen Mar 9 '11 at 15:34

I would use a Dictionary<string, List<myBaseData>> or Dictionary<Type, List<myBaseData>> insted of List<List<myBaseData>>

The Dictionary-s TryGet method does exactly what you need in FindFromListofLists

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I think what you are trying to achieve is this.

public class MyBaseClass{}
public class MyChildClass : MyBaseClass{}

then somewhere else you want to return only the MyChildClass objects. this is what you need to do:

public IEnumerable<MyBaseClass> GetFilteredObjects(Type type, List<List<MyBaseClass>> lists)
  foreach(var list in lists)
    foreach(var item in list)
      if(item.GetType() == type)
        yield return item;

then you call this method like this:

var myChildClasses = GetFilteredObjects(typeof(MyChildClass), listOfLists);

Hope this is what you are looking for.

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