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i would like to redirect my.subdomain.eu/index.php?sid=34588&lang=de to my.subdomain.eu/index.php?sid=12345&lang=de.

i tried:

RewriteEngine on
Redirect 301 http://my.subdomain.eu/index.php?sid=34588&lang=de http://my.subdomain.eu/index.php?sid=12345&lang=de

but it did not work. Any ideas what i did wrong?



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I think you just need to not include your domain in the first part :

RewriteEngine on
Redirect 301 /index.php?sid=34588&lang=de http://my.subdomain.eu/index.php?sid=12345&lang=de

But then, depending on your architecture, you might need to set a condition to match your subdomain with RewriteCond and a RewriteRule

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Hi Tsadiq, unfortunatly this did not work. I don't get the RewriteCond and RewriteRule tutorials, there are so many things to consider. E.g. i don't know which characters i have to mark with a "\" so it works. Isn't there an easy way to replace the string "34588" with "12345"? –  Nils Mar 9 '11 at 15:39
the ?sid=34588&lang=de part seems to be ignored. does not work like this... –  Nils Mar 9 '11 at 19:07
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