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How can I get a notification while a NSWindow's position is changed by dragging its titlebar? I know I can use the windowWillMove: and windowDidMove: notifications, but those will give me a notification only when a drag is started or finished.

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Did you get any further with it? I'd also like to know the windows frame DURING the drag.... –  Georg Apr 10 '14 at 11:41

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I'm absolutely no Cocoa expert, but AFAIK windowDidMove gives a notification even when you are still dragging and just take a little break (left mouse button still pressed, mouse is not moved for half a second or so).

What about watching two things: You know that the window drag starts and you know when it is finished. The time between watch the mouse movement, then you got your moving window position.

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I would recommend looking at this link: http://www.cocoabuilder.com/archive/cocoa/31183-nswindow-not-updating-position-when-being-dragged.html

The answerer is saying that one can use the windowWillMove event to start a timer that has to call updateWindow (which seems to be the critical thing here) then you can periodically read the frame property which should be updated, and then stop your timer at windowDidMove.

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