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Here's what I have :

Entity A -> oneToMany -> Entity B -> manyToOne -> Entity C

And because I have to do an inner join without foreign keys between A and another entity X, I have to use createSqlQuery and not createQuery. (obviously I can't change the database)

So, all I was able to do is a nice 2N+1 select. (with fetch=EAGER or by hand, it's the same).

Does someone have any idea?

EDIT: with a @BatchSize I reduced the number of selects from A to B. I have now a N+2 select.

EDIT 2: I can't use the inner join (with the comma) because the database is an old DB2, and it crashes.

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To avoid N+1, you can use the following code in your map field


Hope this will help.

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Sorry for the vague answer, I really never experienced this. I would try to approach this problem using ResultTransformers:


Unfortunately, there's little documentation about it, so, your best option is to look at the test suite and see how it's used.

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You can use something like this, but I'm not sure how would it work with complex query:

    "SELECT {a.*}, {b.*}, {c.*} " +
    "FROM X x JOIN A a ON ... JOIN B b ON ... JOIN C c ON ...")
    .addEntity(A.class, "a")
    .addJoin(B.class, "a.b")
    .addJoin(C.class, "a.b.c")

See also:

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oh, sorry, i forgot : the database is DB2 and the inner join with a comma is tranlated to a "cross join" and it crashes. –  Maxime ARNSTAMM Mar 9 '11 at 15:55

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