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I'm trying to setup .hgignore for a project. The .hgignore file is in the project root next to the .hg file. The output from a status is below, I'd like to ignore all files in the sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug and sdcard.cydsn\codegentemp directories. I've tried various combinations of forward/back slashes and wildcards but can't get it to work. Any suggestions?

C:\sdcard>hg st
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\Clock_1.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\Clock_2.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\Cm3Start.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\Control_Reg_1.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\CyDmac.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\CyFlash.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\CyLib.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\CySpc.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\SPIM_1.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\SPIM_1_INT.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\SPIM_1_PM.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\TX.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\UART_1.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\UART_1_INT.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\UART_1_PM.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\clk.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\core_cm3.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\cyPm.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\cyfitter_cfg.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\cyutils.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\ff.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\main.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\miso.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\mmc.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\mosi.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\sdcard.a
M sdcard.cydsn\ARM_GCC_441\Debug\ss.lst
M sdcard.cydsn\codegentemp\lcpsoc3\index
M sdcard.cydsn\codegentemp\sdcard.ctl
M sdcard.cydsn\codegentemp\sdcard.cyfit
M sdcard.cydsn\codegentemp\sdcard.rpt
M sdcard.cydsn\codegentemp\sdcard.v
M sdcard.cydsn\codegentemp\sdcard.vh2
M sdcard.cydsn\codegentemp\sdcard_timing.xml
M sdcard.cydsn\sdcard.cyfit
M sdcard.cydsn\sdcard.cyprj
M sdcard.cydsn\sdcard.cyprj.sean
M sdcard.cydsn\sdcard.rpt
M sdcard.cywrk
M sdcard.cywrk.sean
? .hgignore
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If you are already tracking the files, which you are, after you do a

hg add .hgignore

you will need to forget the files that you don't want to track anymore. .hgignore doesn't get ignore files you are already tracking.

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Yup, this one catches a lot of people and @msarchet has the right answer. Ignoring only affects untracked file, files already added are outside the purview of .hgignore. One great side effect of this is you can do something like put *.jar in your ignore and then still hg add aspecific.jar as an exception. – Ry4an Mar 9 '11 at 20:30
@ry4an I think I answer one to 2 questions a week that are because of something related to this exact issues, but always enough different to not be dupes. – msarchet Mar 9 '11 at 20:45
agree completely. And it's a feature I really like, but it's clearly not intuitive enough. – Ry4an Mar 9 '11 at 20:58

You need to add the ignore file to your repository. ie:

hg add .hgignore

The ignore file is versioned like any other file, it's just that the hg tools attach special meaning to its contents.

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