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So I created this class called BigIPLTM in a python script file named I also have a python server page which imports the script and creates an object. I am running into an issue when trying to call methods of this object. Error is BigIPLTM has no instance of get_pool_name. Here is my code: Also any feedback on my class would be great, since it is the first class I have written in python.

import pycontrol.pycontrol as pycontrol

class BigIPLTM:
    def __init__(self, host, user="xxxx", passwd="xxxx",
        content = ['LocalLB.VirtualServer', 'LocalLB.Pool',
                 'LocalLB.VirtualAddress', 'LocalLB.PoolMember',
         'LocalLB.Monitor', 'System.SystemInfo']): = host
        self.b = pycontrol.BIGIP(hostname = host, username = user,
             password = passwd, fromurl = True, wsdls = content)

    def get_destination(self, vipName):
        destination = self.b.LocalLB.VirtualServer.get_destination(vipName)
        return destination

    def get_pool_name(self, vipName):
        #needs to be a list
        vip = list()
        poolName = self.b.LocalLB.VirtualServer.get_default_pool_name(vip)
        return poolName

    def get_vip_state(self, vipName):
        '''Returns a data structure containing a vip config, status and statistics'''
        vip = list()
        state = self.b.LocalLB.VirtualServer.get_enabled_state(vip)
        return state

    def get_members(self, poolName):
        '''Returns array of members in a pool'''
        pool = list()
        members = self.b.LocalLB.Pool.get_member(pool)
        #returns 3 dimensional array(default,member_number, address/port)
        return members  


def get_vip_properties(vip, env):
    import pycontrol
    tempDict ={}
    vipList = list()
    #get pool name
    b = pycontrol.BigIPLTM(env)
    tempDict['pool'] = b.get_pool_name(vipList)
    #get destination address and port
    tempDict['destination'] = b.get_destination(vipList)
    tempDict['port'] = b.get_destination(vipList)
    tempDict['vipState'] = b.get_vip_state(vipList)
    #get members is a 3dimensional array (default, membernumber, address/port)
    tempArray = b.get_members(b.get_pool_name(vipList))
    members = list()
    for row in tempArray:
        for entry in row:
    tempDict['members'] = members
    tempDict['member_port'] = b.get_members(b.get_pool_name(vipList))[0][0][1]

    return tempDict
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Also to note. this function works perfectly thru the python console. – Jim Mar 9 '11 at 16:22
Any chances that you have another pycontrol module lying around on your server? – Rod Mar 9 '11 at 18:23

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