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I am trying to debug some code and get to the bottom of the error.

Is there anything wrong with this:

beforeSend: function(xhr) {  
     xhr.setRequestHeader("Accept", "text/javascript"); }

This is in jQuery by the way.

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The ajax event BeforeSend is local in every ajax call, AFAIK you can't use it in $.ajaxSetup but you can use his global version ajaxSend in this way:

    ajaxSend: function(event, xhr, options) {
        /* code here */

For more info about ajax events in jQuery and their execution order take a look here:

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Just a note that currently, the correct way to set ajaxSend handler is by call $(document).ajaxSend(). According to (see note near bottom of that page), ajaxSend should not be set as an option to .ajaxSetup() – lastoneisbearfood Jan 5 '14 at 7:50

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