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Is there a way to execute a piece of code before an event occurs?

example when we say Expanded="OnExpand" here the code inside OnExpand occurs after the Expanded event occurs. What if I want to execute a piece of code before that?

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If you're talking about the Expander control, you could subclass it and override the IsExpanded property, raising your own PreviewExpanded event before calling base.IsExpanded = value;

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And is there a better way to do it globally? I dont want to change all the Expander controls application wide to MyExpander –  WhoIsNinja Mar 9 '11 at 16:46
There might be a way to take advantage of the fact that IsExpanded is a DependencyProperty, but right now I'm not sure how. –  C. Lawrence Wenham Mar 9 '11 at 16:54
also I'm a newbie to .net and wpf. Any pointer to creating a custom control and adding events to that class, will be great help –  WhoIsNinja Mar 9 '11 at 16:58
Sure, there's a bunch of tutorials out there, but I recommend the O'Reilly book 'Programming WPF' by Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths for the best guide out there. –  C. Lawrence Wenham Mar 9 '11 at 17:00
@CLW thanks a ton Sir –  WhoIsNinja Mar 9 '11 at 17:02

You can use the Preview Events

A possible work around for the expander not having a PreviewExpanded event is to handle the PreviewMouseDown event and do a hit test to see if its on the Toggle Button.

Alternatively it may be possible to extend the Expander Class something along the lines of I did not test this at all no idea is it really works

public class MyExpander: Expander
    public event EventHandler<EventArgs> PreviewExpanded;

    public void OnPreviewExpanded()
       PreviewExpanded(this,new EventArgs());

    public override void OnExpanded()
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If whatever object you are working with supports this behavior it will be in a matching "Preview" event. So, these two events are a before and after matched set. KeyDown() PreviewKeyDown()

Expander does not have a preview event for Expanded, if that is what you are working with.

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