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I'm looking for a graphic API for embedded systems. With "graphic", I mean an API which is able to draw lines, fill areas, blit bitmaps, etc. I need something that is written in pure C (no C++).

With "embedded systems", I'm thinking of small systems where Linux is too big to run. So I would appreciate a library which is not too concerned with file systems, and OS-level access, but just exposes the graphic primitives with a C interface, and draws in memory buffers.

Any suggestion?

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Swell Software, offers C/PEG.

Here's an excerpt from the C/PEG product page:

C/PEG is a complete graphics solution for embedded developers written entirely in ANSI C. C/PEG not only provides optimized graphics primitives, text and bitmap drawing; it also supports higher level graphic objects to give the developer a full tool set for rapid application development

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Thanks, looks interesting. Any figure on the licensing cost? –  Giovanni Bajo Mar 9 '11 at 22:08
Unfortunately no, I have no idea what the licensing options and associated costs may be. A quick email to sales@swellsoftware.com should yield the info you are looking for. –  jschmier Mar 9 '11 at 23:31

We've used EasyGui - http://www.easygui.com/ - for the start of a project (it's currently on hold).

From the bit I've done it seems quite good. You design up the UI on a PC then generate the C code which makes it all happen.

One thing I like is that if you structure your app properly the code that runs the UI can be separate to the actual UI - ie it could be reused on a different screen resolution/colours/etc. We've made up a modular system where we can reuse bits in different projects as long as we follow the appropriate conventions for button numbers, etc

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