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CheckBox newBox = new CheckBox();
newBox.Text = dtCommon[i].userName;
newBox.CssClass = "cbox";
newBox.Attributes["value"] = dtCommon[i].id.ToString();

Renders as:

<input id="ctl00_mainContent_ctl00" type="checkbox" name="ctl00$mainContent$ctl00" checked="checked" />

How can I get a value attribute on? My JQuery needs to access this!

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I bet you it is setting the attribute, but on the containing span (look up one element).

You want to use the InputAttributes property instead:

newBox.InputAttributes["value"] = dtCommon[i].id.ToString();
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Thanks! You are correct! –  Tom Gullen Mar 9 '11 at 17:12
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 newBox.Attributes.Add("yourAttributeName", "yourAttributeValue");

EDIT: Sorry I forgot checkboxes act a little diff so you need to do:

newBox.InputAttributes.Add("yourAttributeName", "yourAttributeValue");

If you want to access the span around the checkbox control the original would work or you could do:

newBox.LabelAttributes.Add("yourAttributeName", "yourAttributeValue");
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Still not rendering any value attribute –  Tom Gullen Mar 9 '11 at 17:07
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Can you try newBox.Attributes.Add("Value", dtCommon[i].id.ToString());

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If you need to store a value on the checkbox, I recommend using something besides value, such as "MyValue". You can still get this "MyValue" using the .Attributes method later in your processing. In jquery, you could use the .attr('MyValue') to obtain the value.

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