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My team is interesting in understanding BDD better.

Are there open source .NET/Java projects which use behavior driven development (BDD)?

I would like to focus my attention on static language examples.

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Should be on – Andrew Marshall Mar 9 '11 at 18:05
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Cellz which is a functional Excel-like spreadsheet application for Silverlight has some BDD tests written using TickSpec. Both projects are using F# to some point, but you can probably learn something from them even if you're not an F# developer (TickSpec can be used from C# too).

Phil Trelford who is the author of both of these projects also did a talk about BDD and TickSpec at F#unctional Londoners user group. You can watch the recording here.

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I got these for java:

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Why don't you search GitHub?

c# code with features(specflow/cucumber) in it

c# code that uses MSpec

Fluent NHibernate is a fairly big project that user MSpec

Machine.Specifications uses itself too

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I offer the little project I've been working on: WipFlash. It's a C# automation tool for WPF, with a little mock up of a pet shop and scenarios around the pet shop. The scenarios are a bit lower level than I'd recommend (focus on capabilities, not details) - but you should get the idea of how to start, at least.

The unit-level code is also worked using BDD, focusing on examples of behavior rather than testing methods.

Both scenarios and class-level examples are written using plain old NUnit. BDD really isn't about the tools.

As Zsolt suggested, we did develop JBehave using BDD but I think the scenarios are less comprehensive there and it's hard to set up without delving into Maven-land (sorry!)

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The Should assertion library is using MSpec: (at least, the fluent should interface is test with mspec. I haven't looked at it all)

Orchard CMS is using SpecFlow

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