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I have been searching for a way to boot a physical machine from a virtual image (.vhd or .vmdk). I found solutions using the loader that Microsoft provides with windows 7, but that is not of much real help to me because we will not be using windows.

There was a software called VBoot that claimed to do it, but apparently it only works on NTFS file system (which doesn't make it any more useful the Microsoft's loader).

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P.S. The bigger picture is to natively boot many physical machines using virtual images, but if I'm able to work out booting even a single machine, the other things can be done.

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Are you talking about a hypervisor?

VMWare's ESXi is a free to use bare metal hypervisor that would make this possible. Xen is another type 1 hypervisor based on Linux (a privileged Linux guest called dom0 manages the hypervisor), also free.

EDIT: Here's the link to ESXi, now called vSphere:

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