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Several photo management applications (e.g. Picnic on the flickr website, F-Spot on the gnome desktop), has the option to 'autocorrect'/'auto-fix' an image, which seems to adjust the colours in an image to make it look a bit better.

For example, here's a before:

IMAG0248 and after IMAG0248

Is there anyway to do this sort of 'automatically adjust the colours to make it look good' on the command line with ImageMagick's tools (or other open source command line tools on ubuntu/debian). I have several hundred images that look at bit rubbish and I want to try putting them through this sort of filter.

Alternatively, what would be the name of this sort of effect?

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What you are looking for is something to help you correct the white-balance of photos.

If you search for imagemagick auto white balance on any popular search engine you will get quite a feew results that are relevant. Sadly, http://www.imagemagick.org seems down at the moment.

I myself found a shell script called autowhite, and used it

me@sophie:[...]$ ./autowhite.sh 5498758807_59a80b3c50_m.jpg corrected.jpg

and the result is perfectly acceptable:

  • Original:
  • Corrected:

There are some options to the script, so if you're not really satisfied with the result you'll able to tweak it a tad.

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