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I have a string with data like this:

8487613 1298296324 1a6ad892e547da07f35221fdfe6f70dd "|MoDo|" "Battlefield Bad Company 2" "BC Stuff and name" "Violation (AIMBOT) #50246"

In my PHP I use explode like this:

$more_info = explode(' ', $banned_players);

But it separates spaces in "Battlefield Bad Company 2" and I don't want that to happen.

So is there any way for explode with spaces but not between "" characters?

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Try str_getcsv(). It's intended for tab- or comma-separated values, but it works very well with just the space as separator:

print_r(str_getcsv('8487613 1298296324 1a6ad892e547da07f35221fdfe6f70dd "|MoDo|" "Battlefield Bad Company 2"', " "));

Results in:

    [0] => 8487613
    [1] => 1298296324
    [2] => 1a6ad892e547da07f35221fdfe6f70dd
    [3] => |MoDo|
    [4] =>
    [5] => Battlefield Bad Company 2
    [6] => BC Stuff and name
    [7] => Violation (AIMBOT) #50246
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That's exactly what I needed, I'll test the code asap. –  Karlo Mar 9 '11 at 18:49
Or fgetcsv, fseek and php://temp if < 5.3.0. –  netcoder Mar 9 '11 at 19:08

Use preg_split instead

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Well I'm not really good with regex and I want to finish this code quickly. ^^ –  Karlo Mar 9 '11 at 18:47

Explode the " character, you'll have 3 arrays, then explode first array and last array with space character, and use array_push() and array_merge() to merge them all.

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You could use str_getcsv with one whitespace as delimiter.

Note: This only works, if you have only one character delimiters.

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