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With respect to using recursion over non-recursive method in sorting algorithms or for that matter any algorithm, what are its pros and cons ?

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For the most part recursion is slower, and takes up more of the stack as well. The main advantage of recursion is that for problems like tree traversal it make the algorithm a little easier or more "elegant". Check out some of the comparisons:


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Thanks for the links kramthegram. –  Jeeka Mar 11 '11 at 4:33

Recursion means a function calls repeatedly

It uses system stack to accomplish it's task. As stack uses LIFO approach and when a function is called the controlled is moved to where function is defined which has it is stored in memory with some address, this address is stored in stack

Secondly, it reduces a time complexity of a program.

Though bit off-topic,a bit related. Must read. : Recursion vs Iteration

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Thanks for the reference herbalessence. It was good ! –  Jeeka Mar 11 '11 at 4:17

All algorithms can be defined recursively. That makes it much, much easier to visualize and prove.

Some algorithms (e.g., the Ackermann Function) cannot (easily) be specified iteratively.

A recursive implementation will use more memory than a loop if tail call optimization can't be performed. While iteration may use less memory than a recursive function that can't be optimized, it has some limitations in its expressive power.

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Thanks S.Lott ! That was not a homework. –  Jeeka Mar 11 '11 at 4:35

I personally prefer using Iterative over recursive function. Especially if you function has complex/heavy logic and number of iterations are large. This because with every recursive call call stack increases. It could potentially crash the stack if you operations are too large and also slow up process.

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Thanks for your input Praveen ! –  Jeeka Mar 11 '11 at 4:17

To start:


  • It is the unique way of implementing a variable number of nested loops (and the only elegant way of implementing a big constant number of nested loops).


  • Recursive methods will often throw a StackOverflowException when processing big sets. Recursive loops don't have this problem though.
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Thanks nathanb ! –  Jeeka Mar 11 '11 at 4:34

Every program that is solved by recursion can also be solve with iteration.

Why not to use recursion? Ans

1)it's usually slower (due to the overhead of maintaining the stack)

2)it usually uses more memory (for the stack).

why to use recursion?


1)Use recursion for clarity, and (sometimes) for a reduction in the time needed to write and debug code, not for space savings or speed of execution.

2)reduce time complexity.

3)perform better in solving problem based on tree structure.

4)For ex. Tower of henoi is better be solved by recursion then iteration.

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