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Are there any ways to easy format Joda DateTime objects in Freemarker? For example with Java dates, we could use the ?string and other directives.

I know I could call toDate and get a Java Date, but I was hoping there was a better way.

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You should be able to call the toString(String pattern) method directly from Freemarker:


(not tested)

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so awesome, I'm new to Joda and did not see this API. I think from my old days in Java Date world I assumed it had to be soo difficult. –  Andy Pryor Mar 22 '11 at 22:08

There's even a simpler way of doing this, if you don't want to splatter toString('MM-dd-yy') all over your templates.

Simply extend Freemarker's DefaultObjectWrapper, so that it understands Joda Time out of the box:

public class JodaAwareObjectWrapper extends DefaultObjectWrapper {

  public TemplateModel wrap(final Object obj) throws TemplateModelException {
    if (obj == null) { return super.wrap(obj); }
    if (obj instanceof LocalDate) { return new SimpleDate(((LocalDate) obj).toDate(), TemplateDateModel.DATE); }
    // add support for all desired types here...
    return super.wrap(obj);

and feed this object wrapper to the FreeMarker config when you fire up your FreeMarker engine

Configuration config = // ...
config.setObjectWrapper(new JodaAwareObjectWrapper());

You can then use FreeMarkers standard date built ins, such as ${dateTime?date} in your templates

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+1, but easier to write if (obj instanceof LocalDate) { return super.wrap(((LocalDate)obj).toDate()); }. Also, if (obj == null) {...} line is superfluous. –  antak Jul 21 '14 at 4:48

I do not believe at this time there is any integration in Freemarker for JodaTime. It is pretty easy to put an object in your model for formatting, i.e.

Write a class "MyCustomJodaFormatterBean", with a format(String pattern, DateTime dateTime) method. Put an instance of this in the root.

root.put("joda", new MyCustomJodaFormatterBean());

Then in freemarker,

${joda.format("MM-dd-yyy", dateTime)}
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