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I writing a console app that add a message to local queue. But, no message is being inserted.

I created the queue as transactional and inserting like following:

      string path = @"FormatName:DIRECT=OS:computername\private$\myqueue";
        MessageQueue queue = new MessageQueue();
        queue.Path = path;            

        foreach (string msg in messages)
            queue.Send("inputMessage", msg);


Anything wrong with this?


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Easy one, this. You are sending a non-transactional message to a transactional queue. MSMQ will discard the message.

Use the "MessageQueue.Send(Object, MessageQueueTransaction)" Method

If you enable Negative Source Journaling, you can look in the dead letter queue to see why messages gets discarded.

John Breakwell

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Ah, okay. Thanks. Thanks everyone. –  Tony Mar 9 '11 at 21:38

You need to create the queue before you can send to it (it's a one time operation, unless you delete the queue):

MessageQueue queue;
if (MessageQueue.Exists(path))
  queue = new MessageQueue(path);
  queue = MessageQueue.Create(path);
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try swapping the order on your send.

I'd have to double check but i'm pretty sure the order is object, label

queue.Send(msg, "inputMessage");
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