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We use and like Selenium to test our web user interfaces. Now we need to test a native Windows program and are looking for a similar tool. Something that can record a session to an editable script that can be replayed to execute the test. I've seen vague references to Spy++ and UI Automation Verify but nothing that looks close to what I'm looking for. Am I missing it or doesn't such a product exist? Open source, like Selenium, would be great but this is important enough we'd pay for the right tool. Any suggestions?

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Explore WinRunner, TestComplete, Silk test, QTP. Most should support desktop applications as well. – d-live Mar 9 '11 at 21:21

We ended up with Win32:GuiTest for Perl. It doesn't record but it does play nicely.

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THere are a large number of automated testing tools that can be used to drive windows interfaces: Microsoft Test Manager, Quick Test Pro from HP as well as open source solutions such as White from Codeplex

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You can write your own custom code. I would suggest you look at below article for WCF, WPF, Web Services Testing

Alternatively code plex has few tools Guia - Graphical User Interface Automation

Please check.

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