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Mercurial 1.7.5 on Windows.

I have a few files I have modified, and want to split them into two commits. To do so, I'm playing with the -I (or --include) option. Docs state:

-I --include PATTERN [+]     include names matching the given patterns

I haven't been able to figure out how to include more than one pattern yet. I've tried:

hg status -I C:\folderToSolution\Project1\**.cs C:\folderToSolution\Project3\**.cs
hg status -I C:\folderToSolution\Project1\**.cs +C:\folderToSolution\Project3\**.cs

(Using status to test my pattern before committing.)

What's the syntax for getting more than one pattern in the option?

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Specify -I before each pattern

hg status -I C:\folderToSolution\Project1\**.cs -I C:\folderToSolution\Project3\**.cs

The [+] in the documentation means that the option can be specified more than once.

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