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atfer i get out the glypg outlines points with Freetype2 liabry .... am using ttf font if i want to debug the outline points ..so i need to change them and see the result ,

is there way to change them too? and if it possble can i save the new point (to the orgenal file.ttf) if not how can i see it.. (maybe draw the new points on some serface...)

please help , thanks

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You can also use TTX (fonttools, http://sourceforge.net/projects/fonttools/) for converting TrueType font to XML. Then you can editing it manually. When done, you recompile it whith TTX to have a binary font.

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Have you considered using font editors such as fontforge? see http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/

I believe you can visually modify the glyphs outline and save the resulting font.

I don't know of any quick way to visually check the glyph outlines points that FreeType2 generates but you can write your own "glyph viewer" using a GUI framework (eg, gtk+cario, wx). You will need to convert the point/commands sets into the correct MOVE_TO, LINE_TO, CURVE_TO, etc. This way you easily see the effect of your modified point.

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