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I try when I click on 1 button to have the value 1 in the first(blank) button but my code doesn't work and the value of first button become 1 before I click

HTML code




<input type="button" value=""  id= "say_result"/>


<input type="button" value="1"  id= "say_one"/>


<input type="button" value="2"  id= "say_two"/>

<input type="button" value="+"  id= "say_plus"/>

<input type="button" value="-"  id= "say_minus"/>
<input type="button" value="="  id= "say_equal"/>

<script type="text/javascript" src=exemplu3.js></script>


Javascript code

function cifr(vallue){

var local_Value = vallue;

return  document.getElementById("say_result").value = local_Value;


var oneButton = document.getElementById("say_one")
oneButton.onclick = cifr(1);

function two(){
document.getElementById("say_result").value = "2";
return 2;


var oneButton = document.getElementById("say_two")
oneButton.onclick = two;
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Have you considered adding the missing semicolons and parentheses? ;) –  mingos Mar 9 '11 at 22:21

1 Answer 1

In the following line:

oneButton.onclick = cifr(1);

You are calling the cifr function with the argument 1 and assigning the result to the oneButton click event.

This should probably be:

oneButton.onclick = function(){cifr(1);};
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