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Here is what I have so far: http://jsfiddle.net/JEAkX/1/

I am trying to get the appended cells to come after the last tr. Furthermore, I am attempting to change the appendTable(id) function so that the outputted cells have their content inside an <input> field like the original cells.

For the <input> addition I have tried:

Adding the input field code <input type='text' size='1' value='subset[i++]' /> at various point with no luck I also tried it in another location but changed the value to value='c'.

For append after last tr I have tried:

Using jQuery and .insertAfter('#alphabetTable tbody>tr:last') I added it to various parts of the cell.appendChild(document.createTextNode(subset[i++])); line but had no luck..probably the wrong placement?

I feel like I am sort of on the right track but lack the javascript knowledge to know exactly where to insert the code and if surrounding code needs change.

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It'll be easier with JQuery but here's a hint:

function appendTable(id)
    var tbody = document.getElementById(id).getElementsByTagName("tbody")[0];
    var i = 0;
    var html = '<tr>';
        html += '<td><input type="text" size="1"/></td>';
    html += '</tr>';

    tbody.innerHTML += html;
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var $tbody = $('#mytableid tbody:eq(0)');
var $tdLen = $('#mytableid tbody:eq(0) tr:eq(0) td').length; // cell length in row
//append cells to row with input text
for (var i=0;i<$tdLen;i++){
    var inp = $("<input>").attr("type","text").attr("name","text"+i).val(i);
    var tdTemo = $("<td>");

this script will append row to table and add 4cells contain input type text :)

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Omg, it told me about this response right after I posted:stackoverflow.com/questions/5254283/… do you think you could look at that one and tell me what you think?..I would prefer to delete this question as I was asking multiple questions in a poor way haha. –  tehaaron Mar 10 '11 at 1:01

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