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I am trying to implement a classic Windows Explorer kind of Application, CpliterWnd has two panes : Left pane is CLeftTreeView : public CTreeView Right pane is CRightPaneFrame: public CFrameWnd , CRightPaneFrame has a member variable m_pCustomView.

CustomView is a class i added to a dialog resource ( edited using Resource editor and Add class wizard)

class CustomView : public CFormView


public:  // Changed to public so that i can instantiate this view on heap
CustomView();           // protected constructor used by dynamic creation
virtual ~CustomView();
    const RECT& D, CWnd* E, UINT F, CCreateContext* G); // To override the protected specifier of CFormView::Create()

MainFrame.cpp has the following entry

if (!m_SplitterWnd.CreateView(0, 0, RUNTIME_CLASS(CLeftTreeView), CSize(125, 100),   pContext) ||  !m_SplitterWnd.CreateView(0, 1, RUNTIME_CLASS(CRightPaneFrame), CSize(100, 100), pContext))    
     return FALSE;

And later on in CRightPaneFrame

BOOL CRightPaneFrame::OnCreateClient(LPCREATESTRUCT lpcs, CCreateContext* pContext) 
    // TODO: Add your specialized code here and/or call the base class
    m_pCustomView = new CustomView;
    m_pCustomView->Create(NULL,NULL,0L,CFrameWnd::rectDefault,this,VIEW_CUSTOM, pContext);
    return true;

I don't know what I am doing wrong but the CustomView is not getting loaded in the right pane.

Any suggestions on changing the approach or What is wrong with the current approach ??

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You have to put the custom view directly into the splitter windows right side, and not inside a CFrameWnd.

if (!m_SplitterWnd.CreateView(0, 0, RUNTIME_CLASS(CLeftTreeView), CSize(125, 100), pContext) 
|| !m_SplitterWnd.CreateView(0, 1, RUNTIME_CLASS(CCustomView), CSize(100, 100), pContext))

    return FALSE;
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Thanks dwo, Sorry for the delayed response. – Ravi Oct 11 '13 at 16:41

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