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I'm trying to compare 2 large text files around 500MB each, I've tried to use Notepad++, Textpad, VIM etc and couldn't get them to even open the text file. Either that, or the editors that DO work don't have the compare feature.

I need to see what changes are made in those 2 text files, that's why I need to compare them. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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diff file1 file2

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or, under windows, windiff – Pete Wilson Mar 9 '11 at 23:08

Are the files supposed to be very similar? Use a diff program instead of an editor; since they specialize in showing the differences, they are often more capable of handling large files.

The page at has a list of diff programs for Windows. If you are using Unix or Linux, you probably already have diff installed.

If you need an editor, I know that Emacs can be configured for files as large as this, but I haven't tried it myself. More info at

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JujuEdit opens large file and it does not load them into memory. It does not compare features. I opened a file 1G byte in 2 seconds or less. It has binary mode.

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