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I am attempting to convert arrays of primitive double values to objects. As a result I am getting a "type mismatch error"

private double[]purchases;


private CreditCard[]purchases;

then when I try to add a value to the array

public void purchase(double amount)throws Exception
    if (numPurchases<purchases.length)
        if (amount >0 )
                if( GregorianCalendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis()<=expDate.getTimeInMillis())

                     purchases[numPurchases]= amount;

                    throw new Exception("card expired");
                throw new Exception("insufficient credit");
            throw new Exception("invalid amount");

        throw new Exception("exceeded number of allowed purchases");


the error message says type mismatch for amount "cannot convert from double to CreditCard how can I correct the code to allow me to add purchase amounts to the array?

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What's a CreditCard? – Neil Mar 10 '11 at 0:01
@Neil - I wish I didn't know. – Wayne Burkett Mar 10 '11 at 1:06
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The general point here is that you've defined purchases so that it must only contain CreditCard instances:

private CreditCard[] purchases;

The type you specify here controls what you're allowed to place in it later. You then attempt to place a double into the array:

purchases[numPurchases] = amount;

But you just told the compiler that purchases is only allowed to contain CreditCards!

You need to wrap your double in a CreditCard instance first.

Imagine you have the following class:

public class CreditCard {
    private double amount;
    public CreditCard(double amount) {
        this.amount = amount;

Now you can do this:

purchases[numPurchases] = new CreditCard(amount);

...because the thing you're putting into the array has the correct type.

On a side note, consider renaming your class to CreditCardPurchase, if that's what it really represents. The name of your class should say something about what it is. If it's going into a purchases array, then it's probably a purchase, not the credit card itself.

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you need to create a CreditCard instance and add that to your array

  CreditCard creditCard = new CreditCard();
  purchases[numPurchases]= creditCard;
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