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Here is my scenario:

I am using the Microsoft AddIn Framework for my project in order to have a nice plugin architecture. I also have a custom API I made compiled into a dll. The host application and all of the addins need to reference this api. Obviously when using this framework all of the addins must be in their own directory inside the AddIns directory.

From my experience so far, any assembly that an individual addin references must be put in the individual addin's directory or it won't be found resulting in an exception. In my case every addin references the API and thus, must have that dll in it's directory. This means I have a bunch of copies of my API dll which seems unnecessary. I would rather have just one place where I can put my required assemblies (like a lib folder at the application root) where the host and all the addins can find them. Is this possible? Maybe loading the addins differently (appdomain?) would allow them to look in the host app directory. I am relatively new to MAF so any advice on how to do this organization would be helpful.

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  1. If deploying your "common" assembly to the GAC is an option, it should allow any loading assembly to bind
  2. If you are deploying an isolated application, you can try placing your common assembly(ies) in the same folder with the exe, or add a probing mapping to its location:

<runtime> <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas=microsoft-com:asm.v1"> <probing privatePath="myfolder"/> </assemblyBinding> </runtime>

see more details http://www.thescarms.com/dotnet/Assembly.aspx

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I would rather not install the dll to the GAC and have to worry about keeping that up to date. I also don't want to require all AddIn authors to include an app.config file with their plugin. –  Brian Dec 27 '12 at 23:48

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