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how to upgrade a rails 2 plugin to rails 3?

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What specific problems are you having? Most of my validation plugins "just worked." I only had to change the load call in init.rb. – Paul Schreiber Mar 10 '11 at 1:16

This handbook will tell you exactly what to do:

Upgrading a legacy rails 2 -3 is a tedious task ... many errors will arouse especially if the application is big and old. I would also suggest you watch railscast episodes 225,226 and 226.

Good luck :)

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There is a plugin available for upgrading rails version. Try this:

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Normally it's not that hard to upgrade Rails 2 app to Rails 2. Here is a sample guide:

The guidelines that applies to apps should apply to plugins as well

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If you want to upgrade a 2.x app to 3, there is an episode in Railscast Upgrading to Rails 3 Part 1 which explains about rails_upgrade plugin that help to determine what needs upgrading.

To upgrade plugins to Rails 3.0

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i think you can't upgrade the rails 2 plugin to rails 3 plugin. You can always change the structure of the code suitable to rails 3 coding but that doesn't mean upgrade. You might need to check out the repository if you could find the version suitable to rails 3 for that plugin

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if you are looking for rails 2 application to rails 3 application then there are many ways to do that – dharin Sep 16 '11 at 13:32

You can find a peepcode for that :

Or the railscasts is very nice too

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