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Hi I am having an application which uses oracle as backend. what is the correct format while passing the parameters to stored procedure from c sharp? If the format is dd-mmm-yyyy. i.e 30-jan-2011. How to convert a date which is in mm/dd/yyyy (01/30/2011) to dd-mmm-yyyy (30-jan-2011)?

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You should load the value into a DateTime type with a parse, and output with a ToString()

var d = DateTime.ParseExact("01/30/2011","mm/dd/yyyy");
string readyForOracle = d.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy");

ParseExact method docs:


DateTime custom formatting docs:


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You could use :


dt being your DateTime variable

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Date formatting described on MSDN.

Will be something like this:

DateTime dt = ...; //Getting your date.
string newFormat = dt.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy");
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String.Format("{0:mm/dd/yyyy}", date);  // 01/30/2011
String.Format("{0:dd-MMM-yyyy}", date);  // 30-jan-2011
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Its string.format("{0:dd-MMM-yyyy}", date)

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