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is the "2011-03-09T08:48:36.223Z" standard xsd:date type? what does T and Z mean?

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Z is Zulu time, same as UTC. T, I think, simply stands for "time".

and yes, it's the xsd standard date, according to at least.

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See here for details. – Ted Hopp Mar 10 '11 at 2:04

Actually, it's not an xsd:date, it's an xsd:dateTime. An xsd:date would omit the time part (and the "T", though it could still include the "Z").

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This date format doesn't have anything specifically to do with XML. Rather, it is ISO 8601 which is a widely used standard date format.

The T separates the date part and time part, to avoid ambiguity.

The Z represents "Zulu time", or UTC time zone.

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