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Ok so I have two oriented bounding boxes that can be oriented and moved through 3D space in any way. Using the separating axis theorem I can successfully tell whether or not they are colliding. I can also calculate the normal of the collision and the depth of penetration. However I can't find the point of intersection between the two colliding boxes. I'm not sure if this is the correct mathematical definition but it seems to me that the point of intersection should be the point that is somewhere along the normal of the collision that is between the depth of penetration between the objects.

I thought I could find this point by projecting the vertices of each bounding box onto the collision normal, then finding the center of overlap between them using this bit of code here:

        i = 0; repeat(8)
            dot1 = VERTEX_1[i,0]*x_NORMAL + VERTEX_1[i,1]*y_NORMAL + VERTEX_1[i,2]*z_NORMAL;
            dot2 = VERTEX_2[i,0]*x_NORMAL + VERTEX_2[i,1]*y_NORMAL + VERTEX_2[i,2]*z_NORMAL;
            if i = 0 {MIN1 = dot1; MAX1 = dot1; MIN2 = dot2; MAX2 = dot2;}
            if dot1 < MIN1 {MIN1 = dot1;}   if dot1 > MAX1 {MAX1 = dot1;}
            if dot2 < MIN2 {MIN2 = dot2;}   if dot2 > MAX2 {MAX2 = dot2;}
            i += 1;

        center = .5*(max(MIN1,MIN2) + min(MAX1,MAX2));

        rax = center*x_NORMAL;
        ray = center*y_NORMAL;
        raz = center*z_NORMAL;

Where x/y/z_NORMAL is the vector describing the collision normal, VERTEX_1 is an array containing the vertices of the first box, VERTEX_2 is the array containing the vertices of the second box, and rax/y/z should end up being the point I'm searching for.

However this isn't working. Does anyone know a simple way to find this point?

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