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I have this script to trigger some javascript. But the script does not support holding down the arrow keys. How can I make this work when I hold the arrow keys.

document.onkeyup = KeyCheck;       
function KeyCheck()


var KeyID = event.keyCode;



  case 37:

  right('img'); document.getElementById('img').src = 'guyl.png';


  case 38:



  case 39:

  left('img'); document.getElementById('img').src = 'guyr.png';


  case 40:




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should be:

document.onkeydown = KeyCheck;

onkeypress : invokes JavaScript code when a key is pressed

onkeydown : invokes JavaScript code when a key is held down (but not yet released)

onkeyup : invokes JavaScript code when a key is has been released after being pressed.

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ok thanks worked great! – Trevor Rudolph Mar 10 '11 at 2:36

You just need to handle the onkeydown event.

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  1. corrent your function to accept the event arg

    function KeyCheck(event) {

    var KeyID = event.keyCode;



  2. if you want to use combination of keys, then use onkeypress event instead, push the keys into array and see of you have desired combination to follow.

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