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I need to display a real-time or at least near real-time list of users currently logged into my site.

I'm using the AuthLogic gem to manage Registration/Login & Session management. Is there a quick way for me to find a list of current usernames logged into the site using authlogic?

I ask this new question because there seems to be conflicting answers on whether this is possible:

Rails and Authlogic. Show currently logged in users

How to get a list of online users in Authlogic?


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Ok, I just tried it out there and the following code allows you access to all logged in users and their model attributes.

def online_users
  return Member.logged_in

@loggedIn = online_users
@loggedIn.each do |member|
  print member.username
  print member.email

You must add the 'last_request_at' authlogic column to your user table.

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We can list the list of online users with my rails application by use of active record session store, please see this github app https://github.com/mohanraj-ramanujam/online-users

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