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I return this json from the server:

    "Id": 0,
    "Name": ko.observable('New Product'),
    "PurchasePrice": 0.0,
    "DownPayment": 0.0,
    "TotalPayment": 0.0,
    "MortgageInsurance": 0.0,
    "PurchaseOrRefinance": null,
    "Client": null,
    "MonthlyCosts": null,
    "ClosingCosts": null,
    "FirstLien": null,
    "SecondLien": null

I retrieve it using jQuery.getJson like this:

function addProduct(){
    viewModel.product(products[products.length - 1]);


However, it seems as if the code never runs. This only happends when I return the function in the json, if I remove the function everything runs fine. Is there a way to work this out?

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Functions are not valid JSON – sdleihssirhc Mar 10 '11 at 3:08
This function ko.observable is in your javascript? – andres descalzo Mar 10 '11 at 3:11
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Parsing your data fails since

{"Name":ko.observable('New Product') }

isn't actually JSON. You can pass only basic data such as strings/numbers/objects via JSON. See

You may consider calling jQuery.ajax() with dataType set to 'script'.

Otherwise you need to initialize your variables within your callback function or in the server code, which might even be a cleaner aproach.

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It should be like this >

Return this

{"Id":0,"Name":'New Product',"PurchasePrice":0.0,"DownPayment":0.0,"TotalPayment":0.0,"MortgageInsurance":0.0,"PurchaseOrRefinance":null,"Client":null,"MonthlyCosts":null,"ClosingCosts":null,"FirstLien":null,"SecondLien":null}

and make it like this >

    function addProduct(){
            data.Name = ko.observable(data.Name);  
        viewModel.product(products[products.length - 1]);

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