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I have made a crazy (?) thought right now...

Is there any script written in PHP that gets a given keyword and returns a url of a relative image? (from google, yahoo, etc)

If so, may I have an example? And if not, hwo can this be made?


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3 Answers

You can use the Flicker API. phpFlickr seems to be an existing PHP library.

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Hey, thanks! What I am searching is something really really simple. Just a textbox for the input and the result in a submitted form... –  Mairoula Mar 10 '11 at 3:50
@Mairoula You will be able to build that with the API. –  alex Mar 10 '11 at 3:53
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You can try the PHP's CURL functions to do that, just google it and read the PHP manual.

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Hi there, thanks. Which function ? –  Mairoula Mar 10 '11 at 3:49
curl_init(),curl_setopt(),curl_exec(),curl_close(), etc. –  Michael Bai Mar 10 '11 at 3:57
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