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How can I convert a CSV file into html table? I got a csv file with comma "," and I want this file to convert to Html table.

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Did you edit the question to remove the requirement that it be done in a shell script? If so, please remove the tag, too, –  dj_segfault Mar 11 '11 at 12:47

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OK, you really want it only in bash? Mission accomplished.

cat > input.csv

echo "<table>" ; while read INPUT ; do echo "<tr><td>${INPUT//,/</td><td>}</td></tr>" ; done < input.csv ; echo "</table>"

My first try used "cat" but I figured that was cheating, so I rewrote it using "while read"

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Thanks for replying me.It helped me lot –  sreekanth Mar 23 '11 at 8:49

XmlGrid.net has a nice tool to convert a CSV file into HTML table. Here is the link: http://xmlgrid.net/csvToHtml.html

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Here's a shell script that will convert a CSV to HTML. It defaults to CSV, but delimiter can be anything. Script will also optionally process first and/or last line of CSV as data labels (thead/tfoot).


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You can follow this tutorial. It contains the shell script to covert file contents to HTML tables. http://crunchadeal.com/convert-contents-file-html-tables-using-shell-script/

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