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I am using StarTeamCP Client 2009 build 11.0.0-58 on Linux. I am having issues with StarTeam's file merge/compare utility.

When I launch the utility from StarTeam to compare/merge files, the progress bar on the bottom fill never finish (it flickers from right to left with "Finding Differences...") I can just link another application for normal merging/comparing, but when it is in the view comparison mode, it only allows StarTeam's compare tool to show the file differences.

Has anyone had similar issues?

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starteam is a piece of $##$#. Its actually more expensive than clearcase. Its beyond me why my co wouldnt switch. –  Saideira Aug 9 '11 at 15:16

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Two things can help you solve this:

  1. Take the latest StarTeamCP Client you can find and use it -
    those are backward-compatible for at least two versions of the server.
    Should also be able to get the latest patches from Borland/MicroFocus
    (they don't always make them available for download from their site).

  2. Another thing to look for: Java Heap-Size is Too Low on Linux -

    On Linux/Unix, set parameters for the Java-VM before opening StarTeam:

    export options="-Xms256m -Xmx512m"

    After that, open the StarTeam Client as usual:



    /opt/StarTeam/bin/StarTeamCP &


    /opt/StarTeamCP_2009/bin/StarTeamCP &

    (This parameter can also be configured in StarTeamCP.lax file,
    if you know what you are doing...)

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