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When I run:

ruby -I test test/unit/job_test.rb

from the application root directory, I got the following error:

.../app/models/name_position.rb:9:in `<class:NamePosition>': 
     uninitialized constant NamePosition::PositionManager (NameError)
from .../app/models/name_position.rb:1:in `<top (required)>'
from .../app/models/ac_buyer.rb:1:in `<top (required)>'

Here is the relevant code:

# app/models/ac_buyer.rb
class AcBuyer < NamePosition  

# app/models/name_position.rb
class NamePosition < ActiveRecord::Base
  include PositionManager

# lib/position_manager.rb
module PositionManager

It looks like when running tests, the files from the lib directory are not loaded automatically.

Any suggestions ?

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Try putting this in your application.rb

config.autoload_paths += %W(#{config.root}/lib)
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Thanks! It helped! – Misha Moroshko Mar 10 '11 at 5:33

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