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I need to remove diagramming support tables, stored procs, views, etc from SQL Servrer using TSQL script.

Is there such a script available?

SQL 2005 and 2008.

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You can drop the objects, but a user will be prompted to recreate them when they click the diagrams node.


  • sp_upgraddiagrams
  • sp_helpdiagrams
  • sp_helpdiagramdefinition
  • sp_creatediagram
  • sp_renamediagram
  • sp_alterdiagram
  • sp_dropdiagram
  • fn_diagramobjects
  • sysdiagrams
  • dt_properties (?)
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DROP PROCEDURE dbo.sp_alterdiagram;  
DROP PROCEDURE dbo.sp_creatediagram;  
DROP PROCEDURE dbo.sp_dropdiagram; 
DROP PROCEDURE dbo.sp_helpdiagramdefinition; 
DROP PROCEDURE dbo.sp_renamediagram; 
DROP PROCEDURE dbo.sp_upgraddiagrams; 
DROP PROCEDURE dbo.sp_helpdiagrams;
DROP FUNCTION dbo.fn_diagramobjects;
DROP TABLE dbo.sysdiagrams;

That removes all of them. Would be nice if there was as remove diagrams references wizard like the add.

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