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I just want to display some text in my views based on culture. I used label control to do that first

In view

 <%= Html.LabelFor(m => m.FormDescription)%>

In model

       public string FormDescription { get; set; }

This works fine. Now i found another way to display a text in my view

In View

        <%: VoxMVC.App_GlobalResources.Label.CreateForm_FormDescription%>

Both methods shows my text in view perfectly.Which method is more efficient ??

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The second option is more efficient because it is a direct call to the constant value.

The first option relies on reflection. However, your ModelMetadataProvider is already incurring the reflection cost when it gets all the model attributes, so the difference is marginal.

In general, however, assigning a value from a constant is much more efficient than getting a value from an attribute.

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