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I am developing an application in which there are 7 buttons in every view. We can switch on any view with respective to button clicked. Now I want to enable(by change color or background or any thing) the clicked button, means all buttons should remain as it is only the clicked button should look different.

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did u see my updated answer? –  7KV7 Mar 10 '11 at 6:46

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you can use

[button setImage: forState:];

This will help if u are using images for the button

 [button setBackgroundImage: forState:];
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You have two images like "selectedImg.png" and "unselectedImg.png" and change them according to the selection.To change the image use the following setter method,

[selectedButton setBackgroundImage:selectedImg.png forState:(UIControlState)state]

In the case of "setImage:" the image size will not resized for your button size.But in "setBackgroundImage:" will resize and set that as background.

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