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i am new to php... and i dont know how to use crontab widget..can anybody explain me...how to send weekly emails...

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Crontab widget?! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron –  zerkms Mar 10 '11 at 6:55

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This will run a job weekly:

0 0 * * 0 /path/to/php yourscript.php

Nice intro to cron and crontab.

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TO your problem there is 2 step solution

  1. Create cron tab using crontab -e command, add a following line to your cron: 0 0 * * 0 php your/php/script/path/email_script.php

  2. Create a Email script and write yor email functions here.
    Note: If you are including a file in your script make sure that you give full path "/var/www/"

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