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I have installed jre 1.4.1 and jre 1.6.24 on my windows machine. I want test my applet on both the version. But after installing jre 1.6.24, I am not able to switch to 1.4.1.

The steps I am doing to change the jre version are as below,

  1. Deselected 1.6.24 from java control panel and selected 1.4.1.

  2. unchecked "next generation plugin" from advanced tab of java control panel.

  3. disable 1.6.24 plugins from "manage add-ons" of IE

but still IE is using 1.6.24 to run the applet. Are there any more steps involved ?

Any help on this much appreciated !!!

Thanks in advance..

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You might try launching the applet using Java Web Start and specifying ..

<j2se version='1.4.1' />

..in the resources section.

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Hi Andrew, I do not want to use jnlp. –  Samra Mar 10 '11 at 9:28

Only thing which I did to get it done, by removing the jre1.6.24 from the machine. Kindly let me know if you find better solution...

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