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I really want to put more in the body to explain the question… but the title really covers it all. As far as I can suss, librt is more “official” (it’s a standard part of libc?), but I also remember seeing that Node.js uses libeio. Which should I spend more time looking into? What about portability? How different are their APIs?

(I’d appreciate it if somebody with ≥1,500 rep could add the tags “libeio” and “librt” to this question, as I cannot.)

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libeio wraps standard calls in threads, and handles a large swath of the common system calls.

librt only has a few calls -- read and write, but not, for example, stat.

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Hm. In many cases, though, it seems (from the documentation) that librt may be hardware-supported, instead of simply put together with judicious application of pthreads. Wouldn’t that imply librt has much more potential to be performant? –  ELLIOTTCABLE Mar 10 '11 at 8:01
In theory, yes. But it's probably hard to do much better than a good thread-based implementation. –  R.. Mar 10 '11 at 14:48

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