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I'm getting an error I don't quite understand:

    `something' is not a (visible) field of constructor `M.SomeType'

    `somethingElse' is not a (visible) field of constructor `M.SomeType'

Can anyone explain why I'm getting this error and how I might go about fixing it?


import qualified SomeModule as M
import qualified AnotherModule as A

main = print $ A.makeSomeType M.Constructor1


module SomeModule (SomeType(..), AnotherType(..)) where

data SomeType = SomeType { something     :: [String]
                         , somethingElse :: [AnotherType]
                         } deriving (Show)
data AnotherType = Constructor1
                 | Constructor2
                 deriving (Show)


module AnotherModule (makeSomeType) where

import qualified SomeModule as M

makeSomeType :: M.AnotherType -> M.SomeType
makeSomeType something = M.SomeType { something     = []
                                    , somethingElse = [something]
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something and somethingElse are basically functions defined in SomeModule. Try

makeSomeType something = M.SomeType { M.something     = []
                                    , M.somethingElse = [something]
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